The Refugee Journey to Resettlement: An Infographic

I had been looking for something succinct that explained the process of resettlement, which in reality can be rather complicated and in practice is often full of snags. I tend to be long-winded so I wanted to use a source produced by someone else with a gift for simplicity, and recently a friend provided such a source. It is an infographic produced by Michael Campbell, a graphic designer in Minneapolis who owns the firm Radiate Presentation Design. He read an article by an immigration lawyer and was so moved by it that he created an infographic to explain the journey from flight to arrival in a resettlement country.

I couldn’t figure out how to reblog his design, so rather than just lifting it off his blog, I’ll send you to his site. Please do check it out; pictures are worth a thousand words, but this one is probably worth a lot more than that.


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