Welcome to “A Place to Call Home”

This blog is a space for me (and in the future perhaps others) to write about issues of international migration and migrant inclusion or exclusion. The title is a reference to my dissertation, “Making a Place to Call Home.” In that now-dusty document, I examined the ways that non-governmental organizations operated (within the limitations of a structure designed by the U.S. federal and state governments) to help refugees make the U.S. their home.

Not all migrants want to make their current country of residence their home, but I think we all want to have a home, or a home-for-now, a place where we can belong. In a world that I see becoming more exclusionary, more hostile to all sorts of people that some have determined to be outsiders, I want to create a space to explore ways that we can be more inclusive, to welcome people into a space (whether that space be physical, virtual, or discursive).

So to my readers, I say welcome! Make comments, propose topics, volunteer to write an entry. Just try to be kind and respectful to me and others in this space; life’s hard enough already.